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This website and blog have information about Walter Morales, Baton Rouge, Louisiana businessman and entrepreneur.

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This website is geared for those who have an interest in Business, Finance and Investments. Walter has been in the finance world for many years and has launched multiple successful financial organizations. Here, you will find information and articles about Business and the Finance sector, along with information and bio about Walter.

walter morales

Walter Morales

walter morales

Walter Morales

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Walter has been a businessman and entrepreneur in the finance sector in Baton Rouge, Louisiana his entire career.  He has a passion for investment strategies and portfolio management, and has launched several businesses including Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. which service this sector.  Walter is very active in the Baton Rouge community and serves on the Board of Directors for various firms.  He also volunteers with local organizations, most of which are involved with helping solve racial disparity.

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Walter Morales has been involved in business in the Baton Rouge area his entire career.  After receiving an MBA from LSU, Walter worked in finance for several local organizations before launching Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. in 1991.

  Walter is also a member of several organizations in an administrative capacity and on the Board of Directors for various firms.  Walter has a wealth of financial knowledge.  Complete the form on the contact page to reach him.

Portfolio Management

Walter has a passion for finance.  Since the 90’s he has been working with management of balanced, fixed income, and distressed asset portfolios.  Walter has both invested in and analyzed literally hundreds of companies in a vast range of industries across the entire financial spectrum. 


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Feel free to connect with Walter to network and discuss business opportunities.  Walter is always open to working with local businesspeople in the Baton Rouge area.  If you would like to collaborate or work with Walter in any of his businesses or non-profit foundations, complete the form on the contact page.


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