The Do’s And Don’ts Of Running A Business

walter morales

Walter Morales Baton Rouge has been a household name for people who are planning to pursue entrepreneurship. He is a professor, and a successful rolled into one hence many people look up to him.

If you are planning to up your own business but feel challenged and demotivated because of the failures you are hearing around you, better chance your mindset as yes, there is a chance that you can be successful, only if you are willing and ready to take the risk.

This article will help you in running your business by providing you some business do’s and don’ts. 


So, as an entrepreneur, what are the things that you need to do? To start with a few, read below:

  • Give your business time, effort and attention

Make sure that you are giving your business time, effort and attention. Treat it like a child that needs your full attention, so he will grow as how you want him to be. You would not want to start a business unless you are sure that you are capable of sacrificing your time, effort and money.

You are about to invest your hard earned money in it, hence it is only fair if you give your best to make it successful.

  • Allow feedback

Allow feedbacks, bad or good, as these can help your business improve. The feedbacks are the business motivation to do better or change their ways, if necessary. Open channels where your previous or current customers can send you a message, may it be over the phone, through chat or email.

When you think there is an immediate action you need to take, do not wait and try to figure out how to correct the validated complain.


Apart from the things you need to do, you also have to be aware that there are things you must not do.

To provide you a few of them, read below:

  • Be impatient

Success cannot be achieved in a snap of a finger. It takes time and a lot of hardwork before you can achieve success. Do not lose hope to soon, you have to keep on pushing and wait for your time to succeed.

Being impatient may lead you to wrong or impulsive decisions. Patience is a virtue especially if you are opening up a business and you are penetrating a very tight market.

  • Tell lies

Telling lies is not something you have to do at all. You have to provide your customers with facts and not information they want to hear. Lying may lead your business to short term success, but it will never last. Transparency is a key for a business to succeed. Do not commit to something your business is not. Stick with the truth, even the truth is not favorable to all. Lies to impress your target market is a mortal sin in the business industry. Your customers would know, so do not attempt to lie as it won’t help you business go far.

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